Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fine Line Between DIY and DIE

If someone were to ask me just how much time per week I spend poring over wedding blogs and the like, drooling over photos of other people's wedding, and ravenously seeking out new sources of inspiration to incorporate into my own wedding, aka looking at "wedding porn," I would probably lie. Because it's really so much that it's almost embarrassing. I am blown away by couples who have the creativity and dedication to handcraft all of their centerpieces, flowers, invitations, guest book, wedding party attire, utensilholdersringsvenuedecorationseverything! And my admiration threatens to cross over into idolization when I see weddings where the couple has completely committed to some unconventional theme, like medieval wedding with a first duel instead of a first dance or a pirate wedding with invitations sent inside bottles! I get really jazzed thinking about how I can be more creative with all the details of my own wedding. Surely I can design and construct five bridesmaids dresses in addition to my own! I can totally make 150 scherenschnitte invitations by hand! I will go to the park on the morning of the wedding and make all the centerpieces only out the flowers I can find there! Yes, I can do it! I am smart and capable! I CAN HANDLE JUST A COUPLE LITTLE DIY PROJECTS!!!

I work myself into a total frenzy and suddenly....

I feel very, very tired. Whoever labeled sloth as a deadly sin got it totally wrong. Because whenever I get tempted to overburden myself with diy wedding chores, it is not cold, hard rationale, but my own lethargy that keeps me from going off the deep end.

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